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Store detective and doorman

The rising number of shop lifting leads to a loss of millions every year. The fact that shop staff have to advise customers and man cash tills means they cant observe their surroundings. With shop lifters getting more organised as individuals or in groups they can easily take advantage of the lack of attention. To complement the existing security systems is the presence of the unknown shop guard necessary, the famous store detective.

Our male and gemale detectives are trained in these duties with regular schooling and retraining. Always in contact with the command centre they can act at the slightest hint of suspicion moving in discreetly. They can also give advice in combating shop lifting.

Shop Guards are instructed on site which can include:

  • Theft by customers and staff
  • Gate and entry control
  • Patrolling premises In and out side unlocking and locking entrances and patrolling parking areas
  • Undercover surveillance
  • Fraud
  • Opening valuable packages
  • CCTV
  • Relabeling

The doorman works contrarily to the shop guard easily recognizable to customers and delinquents preventing shoplifting though presence other customers feel secure against aggressors and vandals.

The doorman service guaranties a disturbance free run of business and a pleasant shopping spree for the customers. Correctly dressed and recognizable the doorman is pleasant and polite to all customers and staff, the dress is usually the WE uniform or a suit with shirt and tie or you can dress him or her in your own uniform.